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    When i tried to delete a post or comments or even i tried to delete a links, i get this msg: –

    Sorry, you need to enable sending referrers, for this feature to work.

    can any1 explain i need to enable what option ? i would appreciate any help….

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    Try there – carefully.

    If it really does not help, post back with system / firewall details please.

    thx for the reply, i’ll check the webbie out right now…

    sig, not working, i’ve tried change my ie option as well as norton internet security….i guess i need to try use other browser such as firefox and test it out again =(

    podz, hope to see u reply me, i’m keep refreshing my browser now, nobody else helping me, i’ve even tried using firefox but still getting the same error msg, what actually is happening ? is it server side cause this error ? means from my webserver or my browser & my computer settings only ? headache….help this newb pls….sum1

    Chill …….. others will appear..

    Firefox you have ?
    Windows ?
    Norton what program ?
    XP Home or Pro ?

    We needs lots of info to try and get this right, and only you have that info.

    now using my dell notebook, pre-installed with windows xp home edition service pack 2, norton internet security 2004, using ie6 and i just install firefox 1, i’ve fix the solution from the 1st website u gave me, check my ie,norton internet security and firefox as well, ntg wrongs, i wonder wat is it going on, sigh…anyway the information u need is it enough ? i’m not using any other type firewall, just norton internet security. Yeah, i hope i can get this right back to normal…i just reinstall my blog, so i cant edit he links and delete the first default post, its kinda annoy me =(

    Killed the Windows Firewall ?

    nope, do i need to ?

    It’s Windows, course you do 😉

    Seriously, if you have another firewall – which with NIS you do – the one that BillG has provided is redundant. (Hey, I use XP and I shot mine when I saw it !)

    ok, so is it if i close Windows Firewall, everything will be alright ?

    aiks, already disable Windows Firewall but it doesn’t fix my error yet, sigh….what do i need to do now ?

    Moderator James Huff


    What version of WordPress are you running? And, have you tried emptying your browser’s cache and cookies?

    macmanx … we need that looooooong thread… /me starts hunting

    hmm, if u view my blog site now, i can delete post without getting the error, i just switch to my comp where NIS is disabled and i managed to do so without the error, so do u think NIS cause all this mess ? thx for help podz n macmanx…

    Moderator James Huff


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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