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  • I’ve just had that problem so I searched previous posts on the issue but stil haven’t found a solution. I am astonished that the developpers let users modify the URL fields in the General Options without warning them they may be left with no access to their own blog! I simply cannot beleive this.
    Now I’m stuck with no admin access and no one will answer my posts in the support. Thanks

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  • whooami



    well for future reference, reposting, in this case, in three threads wont get you any more help.

    thank you Viper
    and whooami, for your reference, I initially posted asking for help. Not receiving any gave time to formulate “Feature requests; criticism.” which sounds like the subject of this thread. I also bumped up an old post from someone who apparently solved his problem but didn’t actually give the solution. So frankly I don’t think I broke any rules in your little book.

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