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  • Hi there,
    Thank you so much for this plugin! I was only using a tiny fraction of Jetpack’s features, but I find the content types for portfolio and testimonials indispensable, so thank you for providing a plugin that creates these CPTs without any hassle.

    I was able to move many of my Pages over to the new Project (Portfolio) CPT, but alas, my categories (project types) and tags (project tags) got stripped. The relationship between Pages (parent-child) also got stripped.

    While it’s easy enough for me to recreate the categories as Project Types, is there a way to enable the Parent-Child relationship that Pages normally have? I have some Projects that are quite large and have many components. I want each of the components to be in my portfolio, but I want them to be organized (and not just by Project Type).

    For example, I have Category A, which has a very large project in it. There are several components to that large project, and some of those components also have smaller parts:

    Category A
    Project A
    -Component A
    –Component a.1
    –Component a.2
    -Component B
    –Component b.1
    -Component C
    –Component c.1
    –Component c.2
    –Component a.3
    –Component a.4

    Is there a way to do this? If not, I highly suggest it as a feature, as projects can get quite overwhelming and confusing, even with Project Types and Tags added!

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  • Plugin Contributor Mahesh Maharjan



    Thank you using Essential Content Types plugin and thank you very much for your appreciation.

    Parent-Child relation is known as hierarchy and in general hierarchy is available for Pages only and not general post types like posts, portfolio, testimonial etc.
    And the other issue you are facing is Category and Tags for Project, well this is actually available in the plugin already. There is Project Types(category) and Project Tags(tag). For Project Types go to Dashboard=> Projects=> Project Types and add your desire Types or Categories for Project

    And for Project Tags go to Dashboard=> Projects=> Project Tags and add your desired Tags for Project.

    If you have any further issue, then please feel free to post in our free support forum at


    Hi there,
    I understand you can create a custom post type (that’s how Portfolio, Testimonial, etc. exist in the first place), and you can set it to be of the type “page” so that it has that hierarchical structure and exists outside the “time” structure that posts normally have. Or am I mistaken?

    I did find the Project Types (Categories) and Project Tags (Tags), but unfortunately, I had to manually recreate the categories and tags that had been attached to the portfolio items when they were Pages. Unless I missed it, there didn’t seem to be a way to migrate an existing Page or Post to the new Portfolio format and change the existing Categories to Project Type, and tags to Project Tags.

    Plugin Contributor Mahesh Maharjan


    Hi @azurite,

    For the hierarchical structure, we will check if this is feasible and let you know. If its feasible, we’ll add this feature on the next update.

    And for Project categories and Project Tags, you’ll need to recreate it manually since the older categories and tags you’ve created belong to the pages not projects.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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