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  • Resolved Piet Bos


    Excellent idea for a plugin!

    I think however that it would be far more useful when it is possible to select sub menus.

    From your plugin file (line 139) I see that you you have kept the option open to enable it for sub menus in the future, I would like to suggest to add that functionality soon 🙂


    1. on line 164 there is a typo diable should be disable
    2. on line 175 the value of Save Changes can also be internationalised

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  • Plugin Author Adam Silverstein


    thanks for your support, feedback and especially for catching my typos and lack of internationalization. although i’m a lifelong coder, i’m new to open sourcing my code and its refreshing to have such concrete input!

    and yes, i agree, i should add submenus. i just want to figure out an easy way to present & code this simply. for many users i think just showing the top level will be all they need; i think i can add a + sign next to each top level menu to allow user to expand the submenus and their checkboxes. i will update this item when i get this completed and make the other corrections you suggested.

    great, thanks for your positive reply Adam.

    Plugin Author Adam Silverstein


    hey piet, i enabled the feature you requested – the ability to disable submenus. that was a bit of work, hard to find wordpress documentation of array structure.

    not sure my submenu selection process is the cleanest, but it does seem to work, please let me know what you think!

    Hi Adam, great stuff, I will download the plugin immediately and play around with it for a bit. Will let you know the results soon 🙂
    Thanks for implementing this so quick!

    That works pretty awesome indeed!

    I only have 2 remarks. The first is that perhaps it is an idea that you write in the plugin’s description that it hides the menu items, but does not disable them. Not a problem at all for me, but not everyone will understand that I think.

    My second remark is – but at the same time I am fully aware that this is not the core function of the plugin – that the following scenario seems weird:

    If I for example hide the Add New Page for a user, but I do give access to All Pages, from that page the user will actually be able to add a new page due to the button at the top of the page.

    To include all the conditional functions to get that out of the way, would be way too much work, so perhaps it can be an idea to add some instructions to the plugin’s documentation on how to hide such buttons (.wrap .add-new-h2 {display:none;}).

    That aside, I will most definitely start using your plugin on client’s sites, because as long as people don’t see the menus, they won’t have to urge to start clicking around 🙂

    Plugin Author Adam Silverstein


    thanks for the remarks. i use the term ‘remove’ for the menu items, because for the user in question my plugin calls ‘remove_menu_page’ (and remove_submenu_page), instead of just hiding the menu with css. still, i will try to change the wording, maybe it should say ‘disabling’ instead?

    on the second remark, i realize there are always going to be other ways to reach the pages i have removed from the menu. te remove menu calls documentation explicitly mentions that removing the menus does’t mean removing access to the linked pages. the WordPress bar at the top, for example, gives access to all areas and my plugin doesn’t touch it.

    the purpose of my plugin is just to simplify the menu, to make it less confusing, while not actually disabling any functionality. if i get a lot of requests i may consider enhancing it; but there are other plugins that do similar things (and much more). in the mean time, i’m going to look at how the plugin works for larger sites or WPMU installs.

    thanks again for your feedback, i hope you find the plugin useful!

    Plugin Author Adam Silverstein


    ps thanks for your review, i see you say it hides the menus, which actually makes sense because it implies the menu items are still accessible, which they are. i will rewrite my description again with that in mind. thanks for your interest, have fun!

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