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  • Hi all. Sorry to be a pain but I am about to pull my hair out. I removed the comment PHP code from my index.php and archive.php from my theme (Blue Zinfindel) and now I need to add them back. We would like to have comments on certain posts. Problem is this: no matter what I do, the Leave Comment link will not show up. When I check the HTML for the pages or a post, the PHP code to enable the Leave Comment link is gone. How would this get removed? Is there anything I might have changed that would cause WordPress to remove this code? I have searched now for hours on this and can’t find anything. My site is here:

    Thanks in advance. You all rock.

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  • Individual posts use the single.php template file to be displayed. Do you have one? If yes, you should edit that file.


    Me theme uses the files page.php and index.php. I have added the proper code to both many times. The ONLY thing that will not show up is the Leave Comment link. And when I post it, the php call tags for the comment code are gone!

    Hmm… earlier you were mentioning other files, too (“index.php and archive.php”). Anyway, if no single.php – WP is using the index to display the single posts.

    So, all you have to edit is the index file.
    How do you edit the template files? The normal way to do it: you open it on your computer in a plain text editor and after editing, upload it via FTP.


    I am editing in Dreamweaver. I’m pretty comfortable working in code and such, and I’m quite certain I am placing the code correctly, but it still does not show up. If I paste code into either page.php, archive.php or index.php that calls the catagory, edit post and leave comment, everything shows great but leave comment. And I am using known-good code from this site and from the original theme. Is there anything on the WordPress side that might be causing it? This is making me nuts! As I said comments were working as they should when I started building. I removed the tags to pull in that “leave comment” link and now as I said it keeps disappearing.

    Is there something in WordPress that would make it not read the comment code and delete it? This is exactly what seems to be happening. thanks again for all the help.

    Let’s reverse that question: is there anything – plugin – in your WP install that would interfere with the display of the comment code? Do you have a comments.php in the theme folder?
    (I hope you edit the files in DW in “code mode” not as wysiwyg!)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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