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  • Sorry Frederik,

    No upsell choice appears, just my ‘WinRAR 1 year support option’ & ‘WinRAR Annual Maintenance Program fee’ (Title & Sub title text lines) show on my /winrar-licences/ page when “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” has been checked on my WooCommerce>Products>Settings>Products>Shop pages>Add to cart behaviour.

    Also I have discount levels set for WinRAR Licences from 2 to 999, will it apply my 15% upsell price to the Cart subtotal?

    My original message:
    Just tested Upsell for WooCommerce with 2 themes; Simple Store & Storefront.
    And also those 2 themes; with and without WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin.
    With each of the above my Shop page showed the upsell Title & Subtitle below the quantity select button – but clicking Add to cart did not include any upsell at all.

    Please advise

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Frederik Rosendahl-Kaa


    No reason to apologize 🙂

    I can see that it does not work on your website. However, I have just done a few tests myself, and here it works.
    Can I get you to send some screenshots of both of your product settings so I can try recreating the products on my test site.

    So we can find out what is wrong and if there is an bug in the plugin.

    Best regards

    Thread Starter SelwynNZ


    Hi Frederik,
    Oops!, I had left the WAMP product set as draft while testing yesterday. It is now shows as a second product from my page where it can be added to my Cart.
    That is not what I require for my Upsell, as the optional WAMP support product must always be based on the License quantity.

    Unfortunately the ‘Add WinRAR Annual Premium Support’ still just appears as text, so does not provide the upsell function on my page.

    When Support is selected, I need it to add the Support Upsell quantity to the Cart with exactly the same quantity as selected for the WinRAR License.

    The Cart page should then show the first line with the License Qty and Subtotal, and a second line that exactly matches the Support Qty. Its Subtotal must always be 15% of the top Subtotal as set in my WC > Pricing & Discounts > WAMP (see the attached WC-Pricing & Discounts-WAMP.png).

    The Support line can then be deleted if the customer decides to not purchase the Support option.

    Maybe the above is not possible with Upsell for WooCommerce?

    The active plugins are:
    UpSell for WooCommerce
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

    Temporarily deactivated are:
    Facebook for WooCommerce
    Jetpack by
    WooCommerce Admin

    This functionality is based on the win-rar GmbH shop page (see attached win-rar shop.png).

    I have been an authorised distributor for RAR & WinRAR since early 1994 when RAR was first released.
    My (Stores Online / Crexendo) site is now well out of date as I created it in 2007 and they have not provided any updates for the last 12 years. Now they have doubled their monthly fee just to provide https for my entire site, instead of only the Cart page!

    Best regards,

    PS. how do I add screenshots or attach these files for you?
    buy-winrar licences winrar-license.png (104K)
    Products.png (23K)
    WC Settings Products.png (28K)
    WC Settings Upsell.png (17K)
    WC-Pricing & Discounts-WAMP.png (47K)
    WC-Pricing & Discounts-WRL.png (46K)
    win-rar shop.png (7K)

    Plugin Contributor Frederik Rosendahl-Kaa


    Hi @selwynnz,
    Sorry for the late reply, the email about your reply had been sent to my spam folder for some reason.

    Glad to hear it was just because your product was a draft.
    But unfortunately it doesn’t sound like this plugin can do the things that you are looking for as it is right now.

    Best regards

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