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  • I have searched and searched and searched for a way to add a header image to the theme “Sandbox” (version 1.7). All I want to do is add a header image that is the same length of the page, in any size I want (and if it’s too small it can be automatically re-sized, stretched and/or condensed to fit the page. I think that is called box-resizing). I know there’s a code for this. I also need to know where to insert the code in the header.php file (I know any code relating to the header goes there). I’ve searched for 6+ hours about this.

    Once that is done, I need to set custom header images for different posts and pages. Let’s say if I write a post about a dragon, I want to use an image of a dragon for the header. And if I have a post about a chicken, I want to use an image of a chicken for that post. And let’s say I have a category page with 3 posts, I want the header code to call a random image from that category and display it as a header (or use the image from the first post in the category as a header). I know there’s a code for the “random header category” because another person posted in these forums about that, and I also know there’s a code for the custom header image, and said code I found here: but it didn’t work for me and the post doesn’t say where to put the second part of the code (the second part of the code goes in the header.php, but where inside the file do i put it? Does it go after <head> ?) Every time I try and use it, I get a parse code error.

    I also want to know five tiny things:
    How do I change the font type and color in Sandbox,
    How do I change the background color to black
    And how on earth do I get the blog to display image thumbnails of featured images from posts in category lists, archive pages and on the main page? (like with the Columnist layout and the Oxygen layout on
    I know I need “Featured Images” enabled for that, but Sandbox does not have Featured Images enabled. How do I enable Featured Images?

    And is there a code I can use to disable the sidebar for pages (like in the Oxygen and Columnist theme), and is there a code I can use to make it optional for a person reading the blog to disable the sidebar when reading a post? (in other words, is there a code for “turning off” the sidebar for posts only, not pages).

    One last thing, is there a way I can “move” the content section (not the sidebar) closer to the right side of the page? Do I use the padding code for that? I have a feeling I can use the padding code to “move” it over.

    As you can see, I am trying to make my blog have an emphasis on pictures and text. Sandbox’s wide content width and one sidebar is perfect for casting that emphasis, which is why I chose that layout for the blog’s building blocks (and it’s a theme that can be easily customized but in my case, it’s not so easy like I thought). I have a few more questions but before I ask those I want to get the layout built.

    Please, help me! It is imperative that I get this site done. It will impact the future of my writing projects.

    My blog uses WordPress 3.5.1 and was installed via Zacky Tools and it’s web host is . Right now I am using so I can create the layout of my blog and switch over to the WordPress-recommended blog hosts once the layout is created. I will post the CSS if need be.

    Here is my blog URL in all of it’s unmodified sandbox glory:

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  • Are you aware that Sandbox is quite outdated?


    It is? I thought it was a canvas theme meant for building new layouts. Is there a “not outdated” canvas theme like Sandbox?

    If you want a current blank theme, you could look at Toolbox or BlankSlate.

    I will look into Toolbox and see if it can fix my problems or make them easier. If not, I’ll be back.

    I downloaded Toolbox but now I have no idea how to add custom headers in it, and Google is no help. I am tackling this one step at a time. Can anyone help me with adding the code for enabling custom headers in Toolbox? After that I can move on to the other stuff.

    This might do what you want with the header images –

    Thank you! That plugin will do, so I can cross that off the list once I find a code that enables the use of header images in the Toolbox theme. Thank you!

    I tried making custom headers available by copying Twenty Eleven’s code for headers, replacing Twenty Eleven with Toolbox and now I get this error:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘toolbox_header_style’ not found or invalid function name in (had to remove this part)/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 406

    and on the header upload page, I get this error:

    Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘toolbox_admin_header_image’ not found or invalid function name in (had to remove this part)/wp-admin/custom-header.php on line 471

    But I can still upload a header, it just won’t show up on the site. It looks like I have to add callbacks (I’ve no idea what those are) to another php file so the functions.php can call the necessary codes for the header…I think. What am I doing wrong?

    I have the header image, but now when I disable “show text with header image,” the text is still there. Is there a code that makes that option work? The blog site and name shouldn’t pop up when I uncheck “show text with header image.”

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