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Empty settings, gallery not found after update

  • Updated wordpress & nextgen to latest versions (3.9 & 2.0.63) and now my galleries won’t work at all. No album pages, no galleries pages, nothing.
    All I get is a “Gallery not found. Please check your settings.” message.

    My settings page is empty, like this: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/cz6f3sa.png[/IMG]

    Galleries & albums show up correctly on the admin, with the correct pictures inside etc, but they won’t work at all on the frontend.

    Tried several embed codes with no succcess:

    [ngg_images album_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_grid_album”]
    [ngg_images gallery_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_grid_album”]
    [ngg_images gallery_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” excludes=”” gallery_width=”600″ gallery_height=”400″]
    [ngg_images source=”albums” album_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_compact_album”]

    What can I do? How can I reinstall without loosing my galleries? If so, how do I do that?
    Maybe that “Reset all options to default settings” button? Will I lose my gals if I do that?



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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @antonio Max – The Reset Option will not affect your existing galleries, albums, or images … but given the screen snippet it looks more like you may have a corrupted installation of NextGEN Gallery and may need to re-install manually via FTP and over-write all existing files and folders under the /nextgen-gallery/ folder.


    – Cais.

    @photocrati – Well thanks, just uploaded all the files via FTP overwriting the files updated via wordpress. I even clicked the suspicious “reset all options…” button, with no luck at all.

    Settings page still ‘broken’ like on that previous pic, and galleries won’t show.

    Also, on Other options > Miscellaneous > Permalink slug, what is the value that should be there? nggallery OR ngg_images?

    The latest beta reads as and I’m on 2.0.63, so it’s a downgrade?

    What else can I do?

    I had the exact same issue. I did the usual troubleshooting and found that the new (2.0.65) version of NGG was conflicting with the FeedWordPress plugin I’ve been using for over a year now (meaning I’ve been using the same version). Obviously the conflict (but not necessarily the fault) was with the NGG upgrade. I deactivateded the 2.0.65, uploaded an older version of NGG(v. 1.9.12) from a backup and everything is running fine. After that I just manually deleted the 2.0.65 flies (I didn’t use the “delete” option from dashboard because I didn’t want to risk it deleting files in the database.)

    Maybe you can try an older version of NGG, see if it helps your issue.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @antonio Max – Just to note, the current version of NextGEN Gallery is 2.0.66. As to the issues you are still seeing it may be best for you to submit a Bug Report (http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/ … please reference this topic) so we can get a better look under the page and see if there is something going on we can help with.

    We will need log in and FTP credentials for your WordPress installation as well, please include those with your Bug Report.

    @wecole – I am glad to read you successfully rolled back as far as you did, we no longer are confident rolling back that far from a current version of NextGEN Gallery will be 100% successful.

    – Cais.

    I believe I have found the issue.

    I have manually updated live MYSQL data from a brand new local installation of WordPress+Nextgen (both last versions). I’ve updated ‘wp_postmeta’ values where they where related to some ‘draft’ posts in the ‘wp_posts’ table, copying the values from each row, to the live server.

    I have also updated a few values on the ‘wp_posts’ table related to those ‘wp_postmeta’ values, because they where lacking the ‘post_content’ AND ‘post_content_filtered’ content as well.
    After all this boring manual work the galleries worked, I also had settings back!

    But I had a problem. The settings page was pointing to my local installation. Somehow you encrypt path information inside the ‘post_content’ values on ‘wp_posts’.

    So after I clicked save on settings, guess what? Both ‘wp_posts’ > ‘post_content’ values AND entire fields on ‘wp_post_meta’, like ‘entity_types’ where completely gone!! Even ‘wp_post_meta’ > ‘view_order’ values where all reset to 10000 instead of original values I had just inserted manually!

    I don’t know where, but my installation doesn’t ‘default’ very well. My guess is that somehow settings are broken and when your code tries to ‘reset’ it, it does in a way that it can’t set it’s defaults back as it should, because the ‘post_content’ values are gone, I get no settings as well.

    What should I do?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @antonio Max – If using the Reset Option under Gallery > Other Options does not help to correct this issue you may need to use our external Reset Tool plugin instead.

    Please send us a Bug Report (http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/ … please reference this topic) with your site specifics and ask us to send you this external Reset Tool.


    – Cais.

    I’ve sent the information with a link to this post. Can’t thank you guys enough, great support! I really hope this tool can fix that error, thank you.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @antonio Max – Thanks, Antonio. I’ll send a response to the Bug Report momentarily.

    – Cais.

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