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[Resolved] Empty screen after installing this plugin

  • I added the plugin to a clean WordPress installation, but after activating it, I just get an empty screen when choosing “Booking system” or “Booking forms”.
    I’m able to add a Booking calendar to a webpage, but it only shows a calendar and there’s no way to configure it.


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    This is probably caused by a jQuery incompatibility with another plugin or theme. If you could send us admin login info with a link to this topic to support@dotonpaper.zendesk.com we will be happy to debug it for you.

    Thank you

    Problem is I’m trying this on a locally installed version using the Xampp webserver on localhost.
    There are no other plugins installed.
    It’s a clean WP install and all I did was add the plugin to evaluate the possibility to use it for our B&B website.

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    I see.
    In this case try to inspect the calendar with Firebug or Chrome Developer tool and see if in console you receive any error. Probably is a PHP server misconfiguration.

    I get an error for this line
    DOPBS_plugin_abs = “D:\xampp\htdocs/wp-content/plugins/booking-system/”,
    SyntaxError: malformed hexadecimal character escape sequence

    problem will be the use of ‘backslash’. But where is it defined in the WP configurations?

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    This is defined in dopbsp-backend.php in function initConstants();

    Probably after you move to a webserver you will have to change back.

    I guess the problem is somewhere in the plugin.
    I found this issue about mixing forward and backslashed in combination with the ABSPATH variable.
    it should be possible, so it shouldn’t generate this error message.


    maybe it’s still my problem for using xampp, but could you please check the info in this trac ticket?

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    Try to add the path manually in dopbsp/views/templates.php @line 36.

    This is a JavaScript error. What is strange is that sometimes it appears and sometime it doesn’t. And is specific to localhosts but to Windows web servers.

    Bingo! That does it. I changed it to the Windows path using forward slashes and now I get the calendar as it should be.


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    Glad I could help.

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    Don’t forget to modify back if you upload to a web server.

    Thx, I created a backup of the original so i won’t forget.

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