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  1. JackGraal
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello all,

    I have a multilingual multisite for two languages (Polish and English) with subdirectories for both of them (mydomain.com/pl and mydomain.com/en). Both sites are almost similar (some content is for English version only and some for Polish version only). I have a few questions about the main site (without subdirectory) which is used only to geo redirect visitors to their language version of the site.

    So the site structure looks like that:
    mydomain.com - main site which has no content and only a geo redirect plugin to send visitors to Polish (mydomain.com/pl) or English (mydomain.com/en)site.

    1. How does it affect SEO?
    2. Is it possible that for Polish users the site with /pl subdirectory would be visible in google search as just mydomain.com with the title and meta description in Polish and the same thing in English for the English version?
    3. What is the best solution of that problem? I don't wont to change to subdomains or to change one of the subdirectories to the default site of the domain.

    Any help and suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    my site - http://jackgraal.com

  2. 1. Depends on how the plugin redirects. It probably won't hurt anything, since it's just a 'landing' page.

    2. Yes.

    3. I don't think that's a problem, since if people hit the main domain, they'll be redirected.

    That said, I think geo-redirection is the wrong way to go. After all, if I happen to be in Poland, I still want the English site!

  3. JackGraal
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks for quick answer :)

    1. I hope so. Yoast's SEO plugin works well with multisites as far as I know

    2. So how can I do that work?

    3. I think that geo redirect is better than just a landing page where you have to click on a flag or something to go further.

    Do you have any suggestions? What should I change for the most comfortable and functional result?

  4. #2 would be just marketing and cross linking with Polish sites.

    Get it picked up by other sites in that language, and the SEO comes.

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