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  • I’ve installed a couple of WordPress instances on a machine now, starting with 2.7, and then upgraded through the web interface to 2.7.1. As I’m a Unix Security professional by day, I have this annoying tendency to want to lock down file system permissions. 🙂 So, I think that’s what’s to blame, but I’m not positive.

    When I go the “plugin” page and select “add new”, I only get an “A” in the list of popular tags, and that – as well as all of the other search possibilities (featured, popular, etc) – returns an empty list. Everything else works fine with the site. I can upload files, modify things, and install plugins by downloading the zip file, uploading them through the admin page, and entering my FTP info (which, BTW, bothers me more than just opening up the permissions on the plugin directory).

    I’ve looked around Google and whatnot, and haven’t been able to narrow down what actually happens. I started reading the PHP to figure out what is actually happening with that module, but WordPress is o modular that I’m gonna have to end up learning the whole API just to read the code – and I don’t have that kind of time right now (not that I won’t make the time later). So, does someone with more experience know what directory/directories need to be opened up, or if there’s a file or a cron job or something I just overlooked while installing? What populates that list? And why am I the only person who seems to have ever had this problem? 🙂

    Oh, speaking of the plugin installer – if it’s a local list, is it technically possible for a single location for the list be shared across multiple installs?

    Thanks much.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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