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    I just reuploaded all my word press files because I wanted to undo all the fiddling I had done because I lost the admin. I fixed that and then reloaded the wp files to try to restore the loss of templating.

    However, after reloading I can only access admin. If I go to the wordpress page at /wordpress — there is a blank html page. No error page — just blank. Admin works, is visible and shows I have the default template installed and I changed between the three available – no difference. I checked and the /wp-content dir is there.

    Please help. I have a test post posted, but can’t see the blog at all. I have searched the help files and can’t find anything that helps.

    Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

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  • Is there a possibility that you have a blank index.html file in the folder? Depending on your host and server, that might preclude WP loading its index.php file.

    Just checked – no blank html file in the wp folder. Also, it was working — it vanished after I reuploaded fresh, untinkered wp files. Everything except wp-config file was fresh download from

    Did you actually reinstall wp? Or did you just delete the files and upload fresh copies? You might try running wp-admin/install again….

    Did try to reinstall but got a wp message that said — wp is already installed.

    Actually it’s upgrade.php that you should run on an already installed setup, but before doing that (if at all), check to make sure the index.php in your blog’s root has little else but the following in it:

    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    Thank you. Checked index.php — replaced with above. Then ran upgrade.php — got success message. Still blank html.

    Even cleared browser cache and reloaded. No luck.

    What else could it be?

    Okay, just poking here, but did you delete all the files and then reupload them, following the upgrade instructions? Just replacing them can cause problems. If you just replaced them, consider deleting them, reuploading new versions, and running upgrade.php again.

    Also, did you change or alter the index.php that is found within the root directory – which is actually a pointer to the Theme? If so, you will have to upload a new version, but you won’t have to run upgrade.php again.

    Have you tried changing themes and seeing if it is the theme that is the problem? Try the Default or Classic Theme to see if anything appears. That will narrow the problem to the theme.

    We’re punching in the dark, but maybe a link to your site might help us in some way, though if there is literally “nothing” on the page and you’ve checked the source code and it is also blank…then that would be a waste of our time. But check the source code of the blank page and see if it says anything.

    And let us know.

    I fixed it! Thanks so much for the help.

    The problem was, being a newbie, I was not aware that re-ftping over the original files with the same exact version was not proper procedure.

    I deleted all the wordpress files on my server, then ftped the clean download (replacing the sample config file with my own first).

    Ran upgrade.php and voila — fixed.

    Maybe this would help a lot of new wordpress users to have this information in the installation instructions, since after poking around in the css files and such, many newbies might cause problems for themselves not realizing they can’t just copy over the old wordpress files on the server — even if it is the exact same version.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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