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    I’ve got a client who would like to make their pay stubs digital. This would essentially be a login for each employee in which they could see their pay stubs. Of course, they should only be able to see their OWN pay stubs. Any ideas where I could get started? I looked at WP-HR Manager with the documents plugin but it left much to be desired.

    Thanks in advance to any suggestions!

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    I found this via a Google search:


    But before you go off down that road, also search on “Client Portal” and “Employee Portal” and also have you client talk to whomever prepares their payroll (e.g., Paychex or ADP) as they may already have a system available.

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    Thanks, Steve.

    Unfortunately, the person who does their payroll a sweet, but old lady used to doing everything the old fashioned way. It was difficult in itself to get her to give me copies of the stubs in document form like a PDF. Unfortunately, I’m going to be on my own here. I’m trying to get the base of it worked out before progressing.

    I’ll check into these. I tried googling and kept coming up with WP-HR manager, but it left much to be desired. I messed around with it for a good day or so before deciding it wasn’t going to do the trick. I have no issues googling, I just figured posting in the forums that surely someone else has been down this road before and could offer good advice.

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    For anyone that may be following, SP Project & Document Manager seems great for this.

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