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  • My client would like to be able to put up a weekly/monthly schedule for her employees. I have not been able to find a plugin or other solution. Any ideas would be welcome.
    She needs to be able to enter her (14) employees work schedules by hour and have a months schedule available.

    At present she does the schedules on excel but I have not been able to import the schedules in table form.

    Any suggestions, ideas, and of course solutions would be welcome.

    Thank you

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  • nomolos –

    did you find anything out? If so, please post. I have a very similar project.

    Let me know your thoughts / discoveries / etc.


    No, unfortunately not.
    This site has possibilities but I have not the time to spend on the project. I did send an email to the site listing my problem but as yet no reply…not that they have anything else to do!

    I have become really busy of late but hope to get back to the above problem sometime soon, if I hear something I will let you know. If you hve any luck I would appreciate a heads up.

    Thanks and good luck.

    nomolos, ehdesign

    We are currently building a WordPress plugin for a employee schedule. If you are interested we might be able to help you when we finish this project. You can contact us by e-mail:


    We’re currently in finishing phase of the project. We expect to launch the beta version next week.

    Unfortunately it isn’t a plugin. It has become a WordPress theme.

    We’ll post an update as soon as there is any relevant news.

    Hi elephantcs,

    I really interested in this functionality. I already got a few inquiries about it. I’d like to see your theme demo to see if it meets the requirements.

    Great idea!

    I am interested in this as well…unfortunately my themes are already heavily modified. Is there any possibility of a plugin version?

    plugin would be awesome, any news?

    any news on this? would be a great implementation for the client im working with currently

    Same here, I am in need of a staff scheduling plugin or theme.

    I too am looking for an easy way to add an employee schedule – either with a theme or plugin

    I’m sorry, but we decided to not make this theme public. Our core business isn’t developing public plugins or themes. We don’t have the means for proper support in this area. We are specialized in making custom plugins and themes by request.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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