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  • Hello, WP world! I’m Miguel. Here’s my site & what I have up currently:

    NOW: Look at the blank, empty section under “thelatestnews”. I have been stuck FOREVER on how to get WordPress news to display there. I would like to update my site with news using WordPress. WHAT DO I NEED TO EDIT & WHAT CODE DO I NEED TO USE TO GET NEWS TO DISPLAY RIGHT THERE??? I need to get this website back up A.S.A.P.! (My job depends on it!) 🙁

    Any help is greatly (and I mean GREATLY!) appreciated.


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  • 1. Don’t yell! (all caps are considered yelling on the net)
    2. Calm down. Nobody is dying – so it is not and emergency. It’s just a blog…
    3. Search before posting – there are hundreds of topic about the same.

    My apologies. I’m just stressed. Sorry, WP!

    So far, I’ve only found topics on how to link the blog news to the main news. What I need is 2 seperate things. One blog: where I will be posting different news than on the main website . I do not want the same news to appear on both sites.


    What do you mean by “WordPress news?”

    So what will apeear on the “main website”?

    If you just want links to the blog, I would write in an RSS poller and poll the feed from teh blog.

    if you want the blog in there, (Which I honestly hope that you don’t because I think it wouldn’t work for teh site) I’d install teh blog elsewhere on teh site and put it in there with and iframe.

    I mean… I heard it’s possible to use WP as a news feed, such as a Cutenews type thing, where I can use it to post news on my main site & not just the WP blog. Is it possible?

    I heard it’s possible to use WP as a news feed, such as a Cutenews type thing, where I can use it to post news on my main site & not just the WP blog.

    *that’s* the emergency?!?

    Sounds like you want two installations then, or at the least, create two categories for the separate news, and exclude the other on each page.

    Handy, which one do I download? And yes… it is an emergency. LOOOOONG story. Hehe… Thanks, guys.

    I’m still stuck, though! What now? Do I download something from the link Handy gave me, or do I do what miklb says? Let me help you out here. The blog will have blog posts. I want the main website to display news (under where it says ‘thelatestnews’) different from what I post on the blog. For example, the blog will say:

    “Welcome to my diary! Here’s a story blah blah blah…”

    And the website news would say something like:

    “Thanks for stopping by! Here are some new songs blah blah blah…”

    Ah ha. Now we’re getting somewhere. So really, the Creating_a_Static_Front_Page article may be more appropriate for you.

    Scroll down and have a glance at the “integrating” and especially the “mini-loop” sections.

    Dang, if this is an emergency for you guys over here, I may want to trade support forums with you guys. 😉

    -drmike support forum moderator

    Hmmm… now I’m sorta more lost. Aside from what I need above, all I need to know is, when I edit the index.php, it’s like no coding will go on that image or main layout (

    Do I need to make that a table in a coding program or something in order to be able to edit that section )the blank, empty section under ‘thelatestnews’). That’s one of the main, if not the main, part I am STUCK ON! 🙁

    Quick, you are asking a lot of different questions, without being specific about any.

    If you want to use your own design and simply incorporate some content from WP into that, you need to search relating to adding WP to a static page.

    If you want to keep all the posts completely separate, you need to search regarding multiple installs.

    As I suggested, you *could* simply have one install with separate categories for each page, and simply exclude the other category from each (search for excluding category on home page).

    Trust me, the info is here, all of your questions have been asked in one form or another before.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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