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    I installed “DB Cache Reloaded Fix” plugin last night (after testing on a low volume site).

    This morning things got progressively slower to the point where the admin screens would not even come up for me to deactivate that plugin. So I went into filezilla and removed all files from that plugin to make it stop .

    Now my website returns an empty page

    What do I do to reset it??

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  • Ron Strilaeff


    Maybe I can deactivate that plugin from phpMyAdmin?
    Where is the list of active plugins flag set? This is not multisite.

    Ron Strilaeff


    Resolved … site is back!!

    I may be the only one who ever sees this post, but in case this happens to you, that plugin (and others I’m sure) is poorly documented and it installs two files (db-config.ini and db.php) directly in the wp-content folder. When I deleted the other code files, db.php went into an infinite loop looking for one of them. So I deleted those two misplaced plugin files using filezilla. Also, when I deleted the plugin files, wp dutifully deactivated the plugin (as far as the database options.option_name = ‘active_plugins’ goes), but obviously the destructor method of the plugin could not get executed. I should have waited or kept retrying to get to my plugin admin page and not just whacked those code files, but the site was effectively broken anyways since that cache plugin made it really, really, … really slow.

    The thing that clued me in was the error_log file in my wp site root.

    Bluehost livechat could not help and suggested that I restore a backup which would have worked if I had erased all the old files first.

    Is there a safe, simple caching program out there?? Good grief.



    Thanks bh_WP_fan,

    This is no longer an emergency and I will change the status to resolved.

    I did install the Quick Cache plugin and activated it with the default settings. The last few days have been better, as in no white screens saying, “Error establishing database connection”.

    But the (on still gives me an “F” on “Cache static content”, which is what I thought a cache is supposed to fix. Almost everything that “failed” is a static 250×250 image, so I will continue to figure that out and tweak as I go.

    Besides that, it seems that of the biggest culprits are monster javascript and css files from the Atahualpa theme and all the google adsense and social icon external requests.

    The other factor is a lot of inefficient or redundant queries related to getting my images into the Photosmash galleries. So that will be replaced with newer normal wordpress functionality. So for now… it seems to be working and I truly appreciate your advice.

    You also helped me with some good links on the BH forum in this thread. My name there is Engineerly.

    There is lots to learn as traffic and complexity increases and the fragility of shared hosting rears it’s head.


    ps: I’m going to repost most of this on bluehost to maybe help out someone there.

    Ron, I solved the same problem and posted information on how to solve it here:

    It also includes information for the plugin maintainer to correct the documentation. I’m hoping for a 2.2.5 that would help new users get this installed.

    As for caching in general, I use Hyper Cache in addition to DB Cache Reloaded Fix. This combination won the comparison in 2009 of least settings needed.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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