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  • Hi, there I migrated a weblog to another hosting service. I had to migrate wp 2.04 to wp 2.04 because there were issues with 2.1 and plugins and themes.

    However, currently I’m dealing with an urgent situation.

    The blog on the new site looks fine except that the snap preview plugin (
    can’t be turned off!

    But there is a deeper problem. When I backed up the database for migration, I forgot to turn off the 20-30 plugins (yes, I know; it’s in every piece of documentation that you need to deactivate these before migrating).

    So the first thing I did is deactivate all the plugins, make a copy of the DB and ftp a copy of it to myself. However, I noticed that the old site itself now doesn’t work at all after reactivating the plugins I turned off. So deactivating has proven to be a dangerous activity.

    So here’s my question. I know I’m supposed to be at 2.1. And currently I have a functioning 2.04 on the new site (from the db snapshot with the Snap plugin annoyingly turned on even though I have deactivated it and even deleted the plugin itself post migration).

    Does anyone have sugggestions?

    a)on the 2.04 on the new site, live with the Snap plugin and beg somebody to teach me how to remove the reference from the SQL? (and on this db, upgrade eventually to 2.1)

    b)create a new 2.04 site with the db snapshot after I deactivated all the plugins (more time, also potential problems with activating plugins? )
    c) concentrate on migrating from the new 2.04 db to 2.1? (and worry about the Snap preview references later).

    The crazy thing about Snap preview is that on the old site the site owner DID deactivate Snap preview, but it still was showing up. And then on the new site, I went so far as to delete the specific plugin directory it came from.

    So despite the fact that I deactivated the plugin and removed the directory itself, the popup still shows in every single feature.

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  • FTP onto your server.
    Surf to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins folder.
    Find the “snap” plugin files. Delete them from your server.

    Plugin gone.

    I dont’ know what “snap” is, but if it’s written to your database, then you have to log into your hosting control panel, use phpMyAdmin and look through your tables to find the references to it. Then drop those tables.

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    I already removed the snap plugin files, but it persists.

    Snap by the way gets my vote for the most annoying plugin!

    Call me dense (I know I should have learned more sql), but I can’t seem to find any tables for plugins. (actually I see one or two at the top level of tables, but they seem to be special cases: spam filters, etc).
    any idea where plugin tables are?

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    and the more interesting question: why should deactivating several plugins and reactivating them again cause any problems. Granted I should have done it one by one, but why should a plugin problem prevent me from accessing the main site?

    This makes me mad.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    Plugins are responsible for creating their own database tables, if they need them. The Snap plugin doesn’t have any database tables that I know of, although I have not examined it fully.

    Deleting a plugin has the same impact as deactivating it. Period. It can’t work if it’s not there. 🙂

    And yes, deactivating plugins can break a site. If the theme has been modified to try to run bits of code from those plugins, and they’re not active, then those bits of code can halt processing when the plugin they’re wanting to run is no longer available.

    In the specific case of the Snap plugin, make sure that the site doesn’t have Snap code specifically inserted into the theme. The plugin normally does this sort of thing, but in the case of Snap, you don’t actually need the plugin, since really you’re just inserting some javascript code into the page, so the owner may have simply added the code to the theme directly thinking that he had to do so.

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