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  • Plugin Author Michael Ott


    The Facebook debugger is going to solve 99.9% of your problems.

    But before I explain why, you need to understand how Facebook scrapes your web page, and why you sometimes don’t see any change when you share your page.

    Take this scenario for example.

    You (or someone else) share your page on Facebook, but you’re not seeing the image or description that you want. Oh no!

    So you then download a plugin to help solve the problem.

    Now with the plugin activated and everything is set up properly, you share your page on Facebook again but you don’t see any change. It’s still not showing the correct information, and is in fact still showing the same info it did before. Clearly the plugin is broken, right? Quickly! Bash at the 1 star button!!!

    Actually that’s not the case. Let’s rewind a little.

    You see, when your page is first shared on Facebook, they (Facebook) ‘snapshot’ the page data (based on the open graph tags) as it was at that time. Most anecdotal evidence suggests they hold this ‘snapshot’ for 24hrs.

    Now, if you go and share your page again after you’re got the plugin set up, it won’t make jack sh*t difference to Facebook because they are just going to keep using the snapshot they took of your page before – and keep serving that up for the next 24 hours any time anybody shares your page. Booh!

    Luckily Facebook have a tool to solve this exact (and more) problem. Yay!

    Meet the Facebook debugger:

    This tool will let you force Facebook to re-scrape your page right away without having to wait the mandatory 24 hours. After you debug you may have to hit the ‘scrape again’ button a couple of times, but you’ll eventually see the correct information.

    And when you’ve done that, any time you or anyone else shares your page it will show the correct information.

    Now, armed with this knowledge, you should be able to solve issues like this.

    Have at it!

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