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  • maybe i should add that i tried several themes and each theme had the same problem. this started with the upgrading from 1.5

    You’ve got some code problems there. Making sure you’re using valid code may help. When checking your CSS for that page here: I get “The element type “object” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “</object>”.”

    You’ve got several problems with your html. Some are very easy to fix, some might take a bit of detective work.



    I have the same problem with a flash movie. I have opened and closed the object and my site validates.

    Check it out at:

    Any ideas please?



    i have used the same code for months with no problems. Most of the things that the validator said were wrong are infact, not wrong. Missing > or < that really are there, such as parenthesis around height and width, it says some are missing but they are all there in my code. i have some errors with javascript but it is not my code, it is copy and pasted from gvisit and the google analyzer (through a plugin). i validated my code a while ago and got the seal of approval. validate a page without the music and i get 24 errors, most of which are connected to WP 2.0’s picture attachment or gvisit’s code, plus some random stuff since updating to 2.0.

    I am going to add the “missing” < and > where it say they should be, though I don’t believe they have to be there, never needed them before, also other ppl use my code ( and have no issues…

    Thanks for the reply and ideas. Maybe i was cheap with my HTML but it sure worked before 2.0… hmmmm

    Bump on this one just in case people missed my post.

    Please see

    Many thanks.


    You need to bear in mind that the validator is not intelligent. It’s possible that you have a few real errors in your code that is causing it to think there are other errors that don’t really exist. I would seriously consider fixing some of the errors – you don’t know what other problems they could be causing.

    Start by putting the gvisit script reference between <head profile=""> and </head> instead of just above <head profile=""> as it is now.


    I fixed the gvisit and found that almost all the errors were with my music code… though they are’nt actually errors.

    Here is a page that has only 18 errors but they are not real errors either. i’m confused

    I am so lost now.

    double posted, oops!

    Most of the errors you have are real. Just because your browser is doing a good job of guessing what you meant doesn’t mean there aren’t errors there.

    I’d recommend you have a look at this page:

    You could also use a HTML 4.01 Transitional Doctype, but going the XHTML route will improve the quality of your code.

    I’ve had a deeper look at your code on the page with object tags. What it looks like (from looking at the actual page) is that everything from the object tag is “leaking” outside the post div. It’s not like that in your code, but that seems to be how the browser is interpreting it. At the moment I don’t know why that would be.



    I had the same problem with embed tags for my videos, but heres the solution!

    You just have to turn off the WYSIWYG!

    You can turn off WYSIWYG easily enough – go to your profile, and scroll to the bottom. Take the tick out of the “Use the visual rich editor when writing” and click “Update Profile”.

    Enjoy WP 2.0!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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