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  • Hello together, i have a strange Problem.
    I havd a Blog with some Videos embedded from Youtube and it was working really fine. But since ~14th December around it doesn’t work anymore as it should.
    I made a lot of pre Postings, so that my Visitors get every day one or also two new Videos, one planned and a second one on the fly when it just fits.
    But i recognized, that all Videos i have planned are start to get damaged somehow. I double and tripple checked the planned versions and the Draft is fine. The Video is shown up, the written Text is there and it is as it should be!
    When the day comes that it will be published, WordPress somehow manages tp create new revisions where the Video is DELETED! Text is shown in the Post, but the Video is gone.
    If i check now the revisions, i find the actual one, without Video, just the written comment from me with my Author Name, a second one where is NO Author, just a blank field and the next one is normally the one what should have been posted, Video and Text.

    I have tested this now several times, Yesterday the same. I checked the Posting what was up to come. Clean and easy the revisions
    14.12.2012 06:49 by caylean
    11.12.2012 02:08 by caylean
    11.12.2012 02:07 [Autimatic Save] by caylean
    When it was Published it looked like that:
    28.12.2012 11:45 by caylean (Comment only)
    14.12.2012 11:45 by (Comment only)
    14.12.2012 06:49 by caylean (Video + Comment)
    11.12.2012 02:08 by caylean (Video + Comment)
    11.12.2012 02:07 [Autimatic Save] by caylean (Video)

    Does anyone else has the same Problem? The only thing that i remember what i have done was a Update of WordPress when 3.5 came out. I am the Admin with Admin rights, there are no other authors and i really don’t get whats wrong now or what could possibly do this. Because whenever i check the Postings when it is the next day to be posted, it seems all fine, but it changes when it gets automatically published by WordPress. And i do need the automatic function, because of the high time difference from my timezone to the german one and i am posting for german visitors -.-

    Maybe there is something i can do, i really hope there is something.

    Kind Regards

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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