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  • Hey guys . . I’ll try to explain the best I can . . .

    I’m creating a webpage for a company using WordPress and all the main information is set (FAQ, the Blog, Testimonials page, etc.), but the only thing I am having is getting the order form they are currently using into a newly created WordPress “Page”. There is a script they are using also (called ‘order.js’ that is uploaded onto the server). I’m just really lost on how I can literally “copy and paste” if it were that easy, the order form they are using with the entire code into a Page on WordPress. I have copied and pasted the visual form, but when I click the ‘Place Order’ button, it does absolutely nothing. Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks a million everyone.


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  • Hey man, thanks a lot for the reply! That helped me get in the right direction a bit, but I’m still really really confused. I’m pretty much completely done setting up this website using WordPress except for being able to integrate this order form. In the HTML on the order page is this at the top:
    <script src=”Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>
    <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”Scripts/order.js”>alert(“abc”);</script>

    On the server, in the /public_html/authorize folder there are these “auth_” files:

    In the scripts folder there is:

    And the HTML for the “Place Order” button they are using is:
    <input name=”submit” type=”submit” class=”getStarted” value=”PLACE ORDER”/>

    Sorry if all of this information is unnecessary. I thought I was onto figuring it out, but I’m still completely lost. All I want to do is be able to integrate that order form, onto a WordPress Page. Thanks guys!


    script src=”Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js”

    You need to use full URLs with WordPress. Relative ones like this will break.

    So all I need to do is put something like:
    script src=””?

    Yes, an URL with http will work.

    First of all, thanks so much for helping out man. I really appreciate it. I just tried doing that, adding the before the /Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js and before the /Scripts/order.js, and nothing happened still when I clicked the Place Order button. Is there anything else I could be doing wrong?


    Unfortunately, I’m not a javascript expert and haven’t use this sort of script before. 🙁 Maybe you’ll have better luck with a javascript plugin?

    I haven’t tried any of these plugins since I just use javascript in my theme template files and not in posts or pages.

    Thanks a lot! It doesn’t completely work, but that’s the closet that it’s come to working. I added the ‘Raw HTML’ plugin and just added:
    html code here

    Like I said, it almost works, just the order is still not going through. The website is HERE with the order form, and I am trying to embed it into HERE. If someone could take a look at it and the source HTML to help any further it would be very appreciated! Thank you again iridiax.

    Does anyone else have any clues? NOBODY that I’ve asked seems to know what I should do. The links to the source page with the Form and the Page in WordPress I am trying to bring it to are in the above post. Thanks in advance.


    Darktemplar, it looks like you solved your problem– what was the solution?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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