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  • rkennedy


    Sorry if this is a double post.

    Im trying to set up my blog to be embedded as the body on another page, but I don’t want to use frames if possible.

    I want it to run quite similar to how LoLcats runs:

    Line at the top of links, line on the either side of links, and content in the body.

    I want the blog to be hosted on a different site but be able to be displayed on the main site in the cheezburger fashion.

    Any suggestions? Is this even possible?

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  • Saurus


    Their is a how-to on this in the Codex FAQ’s



    I think my problem is that I’m not recognizing which question I need to be looking for.

    Samuel B

    That is a standard wordpress with lots of plugins and 3 sidebars – nothing is embedded



    Right, I understand that. I meant that page to be a reference to what I want it to look like, not how I wanted it to function.

    Meaning I want it to look like that site, but I want the body to be embedded.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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