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    I use the latest Version of WordPress, BuddyPress and BP Activity Plus.
    I searched the web for a solution but I did not find anything that really could help.

    Uploading Videos works with the default wordpress theme.
    Then I switched to bp-default. Now the Activity Plus plugin stops working.

    Whenever I try to embed a video the preview function works but an empty status update is written. The video is not shown.
    After clicking “add video” my firebug console shows an error in
    Error-Message: TypeError: Value not an object.
    This is the line that is marked when I click at firebugs error message:
    function ak(a){a.o=!1;if(a.P)for(var b in a.k)a.P(b,a.k[b]);a.q=null;a.P=null;for(var c in a.g)a.g[c]=null;a.g.addEventListener=v(a.xb,a);a.g.removeEventListener=v(a.Jd,a);a.g.destroy=v(a.Hd,a);a.g.getPlayerType=v(a.Id,a);a.g.writePlayer=v(,a);a.g.isReady=v(a.Kd,a)}g.Kd=function(){return this.o};g.Zb=function(){this.g.updateRemoteReceivers&&this.g.updateRemoteReceivers(Zf())};

    Does anybody know what’s to do to get activity plus running with the bp-default theme?



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  • I forgot to add the line that causes an error
    TypeError: Value not an object.
    Line 208

    I’m sorry but now I even cannot reproduce that posting videos worked with the default wordpress theme. Posting videos is also ther not possible for me.

    What video are you trying to add? If you can provide the URL I’ll test it on my sandbox site in case it’s the video format or another problem with the video itself.

    The video I tried (as example) is

    OK I just tested that video on my sandbox site and it posted fine and embedded fine.

    Are you using the latest version of the plugin and of wordpress? If so, do you have any other plugins that might be affecting the way the video is displayed? I expect another plugin is interfering… for example, I’m not familiar with the JavaScript that is reporting the error, is this something you’ve added yourself?

    Thank you for your reply. I should have tried this before..
    Deactivating the plugin “bbpress2 BBCode” made your plugin work.

    Videos are embedded now as they should be embedded.. Sorry for wasting your time and thank you for your plugin!

    Glad to see you got it fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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