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  • Hi.

    Supposedy you can just paste the url for a Youtube Video, and Vimeo etc directly into a page, making sure there is no hyperlink, and the video will display.

    I have never been able to get this to work.

    The only way I can get a video to display is to use the shortcode method, for example: [youtube=]

    Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong?


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  • Hi Iain,

    If you install and activate the youtube plugin, then you can just put the the following in your article, making sure it is not an hyperlink (if it is the case select the line, and click on the unlink button) and is alone on its line:

    I tried it on a test article, I can see your video; if you have a problem doing the same, please let me know.


    Hi Vincent.

    The Youtube video I mentioned isn’t the video I’m trying to embed, it’s the example video from the WordPress support page.

    Which Youtube plug-in are you referring to?

    Can you provide a url to the plug-in please?

    Also, it’s not just Youtube videos that I want to embed, it’s also videos from Vimeo etc. WordPress 3.6 is supposed to allow for the url for various video sites to simply be pasted into the page/post without the use of a plug-in.


    ok if the example video is working, yours should be working to 🙂

    I deactivated the plugin, reloaded the page, and it is still working.

    So it seems that if you just paste the url (without [youtube= and ]), making sure it is on one line and without hyperlink, it should work.

    Let me know.

    Nope, just pasting the url without a hyperlink doesn’t work. That’s why I posted here.
    I have made sure there is no other code, no centering, nothing, just the url.

    @spottydog – the key here is that you have to paste in (or enter) the video URL using the Text editor and NOT the Visual editor.

    Works every time for me … YT and Vimeo 🙂

    Hi Iain,

    Hope you found a solution already. If not, could you try the following:
    – re-double check you did not preceed the url with “youtube=”
    – check your wordpress version is 3.6 (last version)
    – create a brand new page (not post, otherwise it will show in your list of recent posts), paste into this page (with the text editor, as 2ninernier2 writes), publish it, and check if the video is appearing fine on the page.

    Let us know what works

    If it still not work, can you give the list of plugins you activated as well as the URL of the page or post causing problem?

    Good luck

    Hi Vincent.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.
    I am starting to suspect that it’s the Jetpack Plug-in that is the problem, but even deactivating it didn’t fix it. FYI I deactivated all plug-in’s too.

    So anyway I did as you suggested and created a new page, and again pasted the link into the page, but still no luck.

    This all came about because I wanted videos embedded to be responsive.

    So I have found a plugin called Advanced Responsive Video Embedder which allows me to embed videos,

    So I think I’ll put this behind me and just use this plug-in. although it would have been good to find out why this was happening.

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi Iain,

    I’m sorry we did not find out what was happening. I’m noting down this plugin you are using, it may become helpfull for me too.

    Have a great evening


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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