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  • I have numerous videos, “mp4” in my videos folder.
    I want to insert a video into a post.
    I have tried every possible variation I can think of insert in the video into the post.
    I have a movie created in Camtasia for Mac. Camtasia for Mac created a folder which had an index.html page in this folder and there was another folder inside this folder which was called “media” and within that folder were five files,
    · expressinstall.swf
    · firstframe.PNG
    · player.Swf
    · testing.MP4

    I can’t for the life of me create this blog page with the media embedded on its ready to play.

    In the blog editor window there are the four buttons to choose the media from. I chose the second button. I selected the media in the folder for the videos. I clicked on the media which I was wanting to put into the blog post. I clicked on “Show”, it opened up a range of choices and some phrases to put in at the very bottom it displayed the file location.
    I clicked on the button saying insert file into post.

    Back on my post, either in HTML mode or text mode it did make a difference the movie file was not there. The best I got was a link to the file. When you click on the post to preview it and click on the link then it would go to the movie file. This Is Not What I Want. I want the movie rate to play on post-opening.

    I have looked everywhere on this topic on Word press and even just the web. But no luck.
    Could someone send me some information on how to do this?

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