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  • I am using WordPress for my wife’s personal real estate site. Recently I have signed her up for a listing service which allows her to “display” listing on her website. However this service is provided through a personalized link located on their website (they refer to it as IFrame) and it is written on coldfusion (please don’t stop reading here).

    I have full access to this directory and the code and can customize it as I desire. My desire to to rewrite the code into a page on her wordpress site keeping the sidebars an links available to the visitor, however everytime I call the script on their site it does a full redirect (as I would expect). I am not sure how to handle this so that it displays in wordpress, the obvious answer it to run it in a frame but I can not find a way to do this.

    If I can get this working, in the long term I would like to develop the query into a widget but that is secondary.

    If you are interested in the links to the two sites let me know, I would post them but I don’t know the forum policy on that.

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  • If I understand what you’re asking, the steps I’d use are

    1. In the themes directory, copy page.php (or another appropriate template file) to, say, tpl-listings.php. Edit it and put the following code at the very top:

    Template Name: Listings

    2. Edit tpl-listings.php and find the guts of the page (probably “the Loop”) and replace that with

    <IFRAME SRC="http://Link to the Listing Site" TITLE="your title" frameborder=0>
    <!-- Alternate content for non-supporting browsers -->
    <a href="http://Link to the Listing Site">Text for the no-frames Link</a>

    3. Create a page in WordPress and associate it with the page template Listings. [See the “Page Template” drop down over on the right of the “Write Page” screen. “Listings” should be one of your choices there.] Publish the page and the external web page should show up in the WordPress context.

    4. There are other attributes of the IFRAME tag (see, for instance, this site) that should allow you to fine tune the placement of the external page.

    You may be thinking of something more sophisticated, but I’ve found this helpful when a simple solution was all that was needed.

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