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    “It’s easy to embed video and chat onto your own website. Just go to the channel you want to embed and look under the video for the ‘Share’ link.”

    yeah share link gives me choices of facebook, twitter,email or myspace, no option for wordpress and when I put the embed code in it doesnt work

    I just tried it. It worked perfectly. Paste the embed code using the HTML editor, not the visual editor. Then publish it. Don’t preview it first or switch between editors while posting.

    Are you talking about the Video embed or the Chat Embed? They are two different codes. FYI I found that in some cases (like with the chat) I had to put another set of <object> tags around the Chat embed code though I have no idea if that messed it up or not.

    Also make sure that the area that you are embedding to is big enough to comfortably hold the frame sizes of the things you are embedding, the chat especially won’t show up.


    Have you ever gotten the issue with the Chat Embed, when the 18+ feature on the channel is turned on, will automatically redirect the entire post page that you have the chat embedded on to an “Are You Over 18” page and then send you to a giant full-page version of the chat box once you click “Yes?” It is super bizarre and annoying!!

    Please let me know how you got your Justin.TV chat working!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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