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  • Hi all,

    I’ve downloaded an outstanding gizmo, PalView, for making scripted chessboards that are used for displaying games (it uses .pgn files).

    The output of this utility is an HTML page. What I’d like to do is embed it in a blogpost, but when I tried to do that with an IFrame, things got strange – I lost my sidebar and all the rest of the customary layout (footers, other posts, etc.).

    I’m using the Kubrick default on WP 1.5.2. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Malcolm

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  • You may define the width and height of the iframe.

    Hi, and thanks for responding. I did specify height and width, but still had the problem. Is there some known issue with embedding IFrames?


    Ok, I’ve got it to work now. The problem was that I was writing the IFrame as an emtpy tag – that is, something like <iframe src=”foo”/>, rather than using an opening and closing tag , such as <iframe src=”bar”></iframe>. It looks like for some reason the WP html parsing wasn’t able to handle it – must have been treating it as an unclosed element, and so it was gobbling up the whole page.


    Just tried the same thing and had the same problems. But I was adding an ending </iframe> tag. After reading this thread I checked my code and saw that the end tag was getting stripped out when I saved the page. My fix was to add a &nbsp; between the tags `<iframe> </iframe>. It works now.

    Sorry, the code on the second to last line should read <iframe>&nbsp;</iframe>.

    Thanks. Very helpful

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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