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  • I run three blogs that are full of figures, links and embedded iframes. ALL of it is done in MS Word 2010 (was on 2007 and it was simple to upgrade). Word has a built-in blogging capability that follows the XML-RPC standard. It works nearly flawlessly with WP. I push one button in MS Word to choose categories, another to upload, another to jump to my blog’s home page (hosted WP). All follow-on updates are done in MS Word, and a single button reposts them. All built into MS Word. I’ve tried all sorts of other, ahem, limited software, and nothing holds a candle to the built-in blog capabilities of MS Word IMHO!! (Especially if you’re already facile at Word). There sure are a LOT of people in the Internet world with raw hatred for anything MS!

    With a lone exception, I NEVER have to use the WP built-in editor, an extremely limited tool at best. My biggest problem with this arrangement, and the answer may be simple, is how to keep WP from screwing up the embedded iframe (or javascript) code! It wraps the HTML/Iframe etc. code in its own HTML turning it into non-executing text. To fix it, I have to go into the WP editor and remove all the junk it placed around my code!

    That’s it. Otherwise, it is trivial to use MS Word for posting. Here’s a link to one of the posts with an embedded iframe, that I have to go up on the site, use the WP editor, and paste the iframe code. (the Iframe is a bit oversized, trying to maximize the amount displayed…)

    Example Here

    Any suggestions as to how to get WP to treat embedded HTML as html, and not turn it into text…would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Pete A

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  • Please use a Plain Text Editor as Rich Text Editors embed hidden characters that can trash your db…not a hate thing, a fact thing…please also make sure the plain text file is saved in the proper format, typically UTF-8. If you use some versions of Notepad, and save as ANSI, a BOM may be added, which may throw errors also.

    What you could do is Use Windows Live Writer, which works with pasted items from MS apps…

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