Embedding code at foot of posts in RSS - advice appreciated (2 posts)

  1. PaulGrahamRaven
    Posted 8 years ago #

    OK, so the Codex stuff on customising feeds is pretty old, and I couldn't find anything here that seemed to answer my query.

    Basically I want to put Project Wonderful ads at the foot of each post in an RSS feed for Futurismic; I understand that I have to strip the java wrapper from the code, but what I'm not 100% sure on is whereabouts I should put the code.

    Poking around in the files suggests it's the feed templates in /wp-includes, but I'm not sure whether I can just chuck code around in there with impunity like I would in a theme or something ... and I don't want to experiment with a live site with close to 2k subscribers!

    Could some kind person give me a few hints or point me toward a suitable resource that will tell me more?

  2. PaulGrahamRaven
    Posted 8 years ago #

    No one with any useful tips on this one?

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