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  • I have the JWPlayer WordPress plugin and JWPlayer 5.10 installed. I am able to embed YouTube videos just fine and watch them on my computer and my android phone. However, when testing on iDevices the videos won’t play – in fact, it appears nothing loads at all… the area where a video should load is just a blank black window.

    I have tried changing out the version of JWPlayer but that doesn’t work. I have confirmed the JWPlayer.js file is in the following location:

    You can test this for yourself on our website – — Try playing ANY video on your computer and then try on an iPad or iPhone and it won’t work.

    Any suggestions on what to try?
    I was under the impression JWPlayer would fallback to HTML and play the videos – this is working for others but not for me for some reason.

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    It looks like this might be hit or miss here since you are using YouTube. Not every video on YouTube has an HTML5 version available through their API (What we use). So you might get it sometimes, sometimes not. I would also recommend trying to disable your skin / autostart and see if that helps at all.

    I will try disabling the skin and autoplay and see if that helps.

    Does anyone have a YouTube video with a known HTML 5 version so that I can test it? If that video doesn’t play I know I have an issue. But, if it does play I know the other videos just don’t have an HTML 5 version.

    Should I expect any sort of error though? Right now I just get a blank black box.

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    I’ve been doing some troubleshooting – it is definitely something to do with the player, not the videos on YouTube.

    I believe the issue may be the skin. Leaving Autoplay worked. I am copying the default player and making modifications one by one to see what causes the issue and will report back.

    Thanks for your help.

    The issue appears to be caused by the HD Plugin. If enabled video no longer works on iDevices.

    Has anyone else experienced this same behavior?

    Is there a way to force HD on the PC without effecting iDevices? I prefer for my videos to start in HD but if that is going to break iDevices I have to leave it off for now until another solution is available.

    Correction – it is not the HD plugin – enabling ANY plugins breaks the video on iDevices.

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    What plugins are you using? I have never heard of any report such as this.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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