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  • Hey all!

    Hope all is well!

    I have seen this topic on this forum being presented many times yet I cannot seem to find a reasonable solution.

    Everything used to work well back then whenever I posted a youtube link or soundcloud into my posts. They would show up and play normally. I also use the Viper video plugin to embed videos. I do it manually for soundcloud as I copy and paste the embed link into my HTML post.

    Suddenly, it doesn’t work. Why?

    Can someone explain this to me and how I can resolve it?

    Also, I am running WordPress through my GoDaddy hosted website

    EDIT: I figured if I got more specific that it would help the reader to support me. The idea is that when I post these posts, there is an empty space with the correct dimensions of the embedded object; thus, this means that wordpress recognizes the code but for some reason does not show me the video or music player or whatever I am embedding. Does this make sense?

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  • I am having the same problem. Can someone help? the videos appear and work fine on the post editor window, but when reviewing or publishing it simply won’t appear. Any ideas?

    I think you can not embed video like we used to you need to use the short code and code will be embedded by wordpress

    what short code? I used short codes by Youtube, Vimeo, and SEOmoz, and nothing seemed to work. I tried both old and new codes. nothings. ;-/

    That is bit odd as I am using on my website fine
    [youtube]your you tube url[/youtube]

    What WordPress version do you have? is it the latest?

    It is wordpress 3.1.2 I always keep my wordpress updated.

    Do you use any special plug in for videos? I am just not sure why it won’t work on mine.

    only Viper’s Video Quicktags all this plugin does is add tags in editor.

    Govpatel andd ItaiBoublil I have the same problem. Funny. I used all the short code variations and the vids still do not show. Only a link or the short code itself shows.

    I discovered through another post thatwordpress does not accept youtube short urls:

    My solution was to Update all posts with the full url from each youtube video. I appended the short url with

    If anyone finds a simpler solution Please post here. Thanks.

    Yes, it’s confirmed the problem is STILL occuring….

    I’ve been installing WordPress on different websites and trying different themes, and only I think around the first theme I tried did the post link and it would auto-convert to a video work.

    All other themes I’ve used, it only posts a link. No matter what I do, can’t get it to show a video.
    However, did just try the [embed] code, and it DID show the video in one I’m using now. (now to try and figure a way for it to post on the homepage also) 🙁

    What bull crap. After all this time, you would think they would be able to keep a simple function as the must have video posting ability. What use are these CMS’s really??? One has to be tech geeks to use the dange things! Might as well go back to HTML templates…. It’s just as complicated. 🙁

    have you tried the default theme and see if you still have the problem to rule theme related problem.

    I have been posing videos on my website without any problem I am using twenty ten child theme



    I am having the same problem…. it only works to use the embedded code. I am using the thesis theme.

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