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  • I have had ongoing problems with getting flash videos served by and which I embed in my WP posts to play consistently in IE7 (maybe IE6 too). These videos DO play fine in Firefox (all recent versions) on both windows and mac and Safari. This is verified as best as I can determine (by user feedback). I am running WP 2.6.

    The flash video failure occurs most consistently on “post” pages. I have been working on this for some time and have searched google and the WP codex. is also aware and investigating the problem. I am aware that the WP codex describes a javascript failure issue at: – so this might be the area of concern.

    I’m am not a coder, so much of this goes over my head.

    My questions:

    1. If the video player loads in Firefox, why would there by an issue with IE? (I know, nothing works right in IE – but we have to service those users 🙂 so I ask anyways).

    2. Secondly, is this a problem that can be resolved by simply making a global alteration to the header template in the theme so that flash videos embedded within each post will load and play?

    Example page with video embedded in a post is:

    Note: To eliminate the possibility of plugin or theme variables or outdated WP version, I have a staging site where I have upgraded to 2.6.1, where all plugins are turned off and where the standard “classic” theme is running. The same IE player loading problem still persists.

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