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  • I manage a multiblog site (several blogs, one domain name, each blog in subfolder). I have one out-of-town non-techie blogger who has problems with links in posts: Within a post, he links to previous posts in his specific blog, but the links end up going to a different blog because somehow the links become relative. He uses Word on a Mac both to write his posts and insert links. He then copies and pastes the text with links into WordPress. I’ve checked the links in his Word documents — they are absolute urls and work correctly. But when I view the code in the browser, I see they have become relative urls. The url is truncated down to “../?p=123” instead of “http://domain/specific-blog/?p=123” as found in the original Word file. And “http://domain/?p=123” is on a different blog, of course (or just “file not found”).
    Even more puzzling, if I go into WordPress, using the edit link icon in the visual tab, I find the link is absolute (and correct)! There is nothing to change, and simply clicking “update” solves the problem.

    Does anyone have an idea of what the problem is? Could it possibly be his Mac, which he says is new? I’m on a PC and cannot recreate the problem using his Word files (the links always work when I post). Any insight would be much appreciated!

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    I’m on a mac and I never have a problem.

    Make sure he’s using the PASTE FROM WORD option when he copies over, as Word + anythign else = blaaaaaaathj.

    Thanks — I will ask him to try that! I hadn’t know about that option, but I see now that one can click on the “Kitchen Sink” icon in the WordPress toolbar to find it.

    I have replicated this problem on a PC running XP, pasting from Word into Firefox. Using “Paste from Word” does not fix it.

    It doesn’t happen in Explorer, and I haven’t yet tested Chrome.

    I cannot replicate the problem on a Mac.

    I would love a solution.

    I’ve pasted links (although not copied from word) into WordPress using Firefox on a PC running XP many, many, times over the years without the slightest problem.

    I’m talking strictly about pasting from Word. I just replicated the issue on the newest Firefox on my Mac, so it looks like this is a Firefox issue.

    Just run a test pasting a link from Word into WP using Firefox 7.01 on Win 7. Again – no problems.

    I can’t vouch for anything but Mac 10.6 and Windows XP, which is what we use at my office. This happens on at least a eight different computers, all running Windows XP and Firefox 6 or 7.

    On Mac, it happens in 10.6 using Firefox 7.

    This issue has been pointed out in several previous threads, but they are all closed or marked Resolved, despite the lack of a solution*

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    (*Meta: It seems to me that the automatic (or moderated?) closing of old threads makes the WordPress forum much less useful than it could be; 3 out of 4 times I find a thread on what I’m looking for, I can’t post in it and have to create a new one, which adds clutter and redundancy and means I don’t benefit from the input of the original posters.)

    If we cannot replicate the problem, then it does seem to suggest that the issue is specific to your site, your local office network or your Firefox installs. If this was a WP bug of some kind, it wouldn’t be browser specific and we’d have hundreds of topics on the subject.

    It seems to me that the automatic (or moderated?) closing of old threads makes the WordPress forum much less useful than it could be

    And what would be the point of posting in a topic that related to a much older version of WordPress?

    web559 — Thanks for the feedback. I’m curious, since I don’t have access to a Mac in my office: Does using Safari solve the problem?

    Safari is fine—on my Mac, absolute links copied from Word to Safari come out correctly, as absolute links.

    Thanks — I am awaiting word from my out-of-town blogger to see if the advice given here is working for him. I really appreciate everyone’s feedback, and will let you all know if it solves his problem.

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