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  • I’ve been comparing this plugin’s gallery feature to TubePress and have been very impressed. There is one feature I miss very much, however.

    Tubepress offers this filter: “Only retrieve embeddable videos,” which turns out to be very useful. If you are managing a number of playlists containing videos from other users, you never know when one or more of them will decide to make their video private for whatever reason. In TubePress, those thumbnails are filtered out and do not appear in the gallery.

    Is there a way to add that option (or a code modification I could do) to replicate that feature? Thank you!

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    Unfortunately there’s no API call that Google provides that excludes such videos when grabbing a page/batch of videos from a playlist. Such a feature would have to individually check each video with a separate call to ensure it’s embeddable, therefore slowing your site–significantly, if your page size is large.

    Furthermore the pagination and thumbnail display would be a bit awkward since a page could visually look incomplete after the video(s) is excluded (i.e. asking the API for 10 videos but only showing 8 embeddable ones).

    Ideally, we’d want Google to expand the API to allow parameters like “embeddable only” and many more (like sort type, etc). But, these are feature requests (some which we’ve been pushing for a while) as of now.

    -EmbedPlus Team

    Thank you for the response. Really nice plugin and great support.

    You’ve cleared up one mystery for me, so thank you!

    TubePress does filter out those videos. From my perspective, the routine doesn’t seem to affect load time in any appreciable way and I’m on a shared server, so take that for whatever it’s worth. Your answer does explain why TubePress has it as a selectable option when logic would suggest it’s something you would always want “on”–it’s because they know it’s adding time to the call.

    I think you’re right about the awkward display, I didn’t understand why I didn’t always get the full number of thumbnails on a page; it’s no doubt because TubePress is grabbing a set of 20, then dropping out the problem videos, and displaying the remaining thumbnails.

    Still–all things being equal–if I had to choose between the sometimes awkward-looking gallery and the well-ordered gallery that is displaying a couple “Sorry this video is private” thumbnails, I’d personally take the first.

    However, thank you for the thoughtful answer. I understand how troublesome the API can be. I had the pro version of your advanced plugin and have had to replace it with this one. I appreciate how you handled the API deprecation problem.

    Plugin Author embedplus


    Perhaps caching the checks during the first load would address time issue some. It’s something we can look into in the future when our schedule eases up, so we thank you for the suggestion. Thanks also for the compliment regarding the plugin, support, and deprecation migration. If you get a couple of minutes, perhaps you’d consider also sharing them on the ratings page:

    -EmbedPlus Team

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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