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  • Hi,

    I would liek to use P2 for a site featuring some Youtube-videos and also upload some other videos.
    Is it possible to do this with P2-theme out of the box or do I need some other plug-ins like “WordTube” ir something else ?

    do I need to use the WordPress-Video-player or is it also possible to use other video-players ?

    Appreciate your kind help !

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  • I dunno which video player is best, I use vipers video quicktags personally….

    vipers video quicktags is a very nice plugin, but how can i use it with p2 theme?



    I’m not real sure what you are asking?

    You install the theme, you install the plugin…….. the plugin works with the theme….


    yes of course, from admin it works.
    But can i use it in front-end? so the visitor can use it to post?

    EMB – that is of course the question! Some of the folks posting are NOT specifically P2 users… so have no idea what your problem is!

    SO – the solution to figuring out your thing is to figure out how the plugin is “called” in the backend… Then you would insert (probably into post-form.php) the appropriate code… something like:

    <?php if(function_exists(‘the_ratings’)) { the_ratings(); } ?>

    This is from the ratings plugin I use. I call it, rather than let it decide where to stick itself. I would rather control where it goes… and my P2 theme has been heavily modified.

    I’m interested in this video plugin… so maybe I’ll take a hack at it.

    WOW – That’s one monster of a PLUGIN!!! I’m going to have to bow my head and tuck my tail and back outa this one!

    until later.

    I was thinking about using this other plugin:
    Smart YouTube:

    Smart Youtube WordPress Plugin

    Work fine for me.
    A friend of mine say video freeze.. But not for me
    I use vipervideo plugin

    Wow… cool… so my first attempt got this result… which means its trying!

    [ERROR: Unable to parse URL, check for correct DailyMotion format]

    OH – but I used a YOUTUBE link… I bet that was it! I just went to that website – it has videos.

    Oh sweet! It worked!

    Now how do I get the buttons on my form!?

    I suppose, like youtube, I don’t have to wrry about dailymotions availability. I thought it was a different site.

    OK – I got the DailyMotion one to work:


    But the YouTube one is not…

    OK – I don’t read French or whatever language that is catalpa!!! LOL

    So I tried formatting the youtube just like the dailymotion one and THAT worked!

    Very nice – thanks catalpa. I wonder why the vipervideo plugin doesn’t explain it like you did! Even if it was in another language, I was able to follow it!

    Now for the button! I looked at the code last night and I think I found the right function. The problem is that I will want the resultant chose videos to go into MY TEXTAREA… not the backend. Without registering on your site I can’t see how you did it. Did you have buttons? Or is it that you know the code?

    I can’t depend on my visitors to know the code… so I need buttons, or will have to make an interface…

    OH – forgot the youtube code:


    oh ! sorry
    No button for the front textarea …I can’t do that. Just know the code ! Not so hard for members…
    Always the same [vimeo]…….url…..[/vimeo]

    I’ll make buttons! Maybe I’ll share! LOL

    @dlopeman thnak’s! Share it please 😉

    or wait the wordpress 2.9?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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