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  • hi all,
    not sure if i am in the right section.

    yet i am trying to embed my wordpress footer on an external site.
    i.e. i have two sites, main site (WP) + an online store.

    both have been designed to look the same, the WP site is used as the main site and houses the majority of the information, the online store is simply used to process sales.

    now without duplicating the footer (from the WP site + hardcoding the links) to use on the online store site,

    is there a way i can ’embed’ the wordpress footer to the external site.

    the idea being that when i create new pages etc within the wordpress site (which are rendered in the footer) these will also update on the online store site, hence i do not have to update two sites??

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    thank you in advance

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  • You will be able to achieve this using Javascript.

    Write a Javascript file that outputs the HTML you want and call it in the footer of each of the sites you want to use it on.

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