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  • We’re using Squarespace for our website at work. The blog function is okay, but I’m thinking we can do better by embedding a WordPress blog into the site. I see that it’s possible, but would like to know if that really makes sense before I start that process. Are there advantages to using a WordPress blog in a Squarespace website?

    Any thoughts or insights anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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  • I suggest you seriously think about changing platforms

    WordPress self hosted on a $7 a month host is probably a better choice economically for you. If you need tons of power then get a Amazon Cloud Server and go buckwild with WordPress like many of the top 1000 sites do.

    Evaluate what you have
    Go to the Plugin Repository and see if you can add any features to wp to supplement it to match your current needs.

    Install it on a local computer
    Get it looking nice and move it to a $10 a month server there are tons of hosts that can provide everything you need

    Don’t get me wrong Squarespace is Great… it gets people online quick
    But when you need to expand your site and your current CMS is not cutting it then you have to take a long weekend and find a better solution.

    Don’t try to force an open CMS inside a Propitiatory CMS
    just upgrade to something better and be done with it.

    Thanks for this response. What you suggest makes sense. Unfortunately, the company likes the current website, and I’m not sure they’ll find the interest in switching altogether with yet another look. Would embedding a WP site into a Squarespace site not work that well in the end?
    Thanks again for your input!

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    I’ve never used squarespace, but my understanding is that their service is a closed system, so you would not be able to set up a database and host a PHP app such as WordPress alongside your squarespace site even if you wanted to. You would need to host it elsewhere and used either a subdomain that takes you off the squarespace site (if that is possible with a domain registered with squarespace) or an iFrame – which would be a terrible idea.

    Okay. That’s useful information. Thanks! I had wondered about that. I guess we’ll have to see about getting someone to make changes to the SquareSpace blog to make it visually appealing, or just recreate what we have on a WP platform.

    Thanks for the responses!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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