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  • is there any plugin that will embed video files into your post? I have videoblogger , media insert and fallen media filter, but none work.

    Videoblogger gives me all sorts of error messages.

    And media insert and fallen media don’t embed, they provide external link only.

    I am looking for something that will fetch from youtube, google, or any other site.

    Also, I would like to embed my own videos.

    If you have any ideas, please email or reply to

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  • I wrote a plugin to embed youtube videos/gallery into your WP blog.

    I use quicktime on my site a fair about. I did not use a plugin though I just insert the code with my entry:

    <embed src="" width="480" height="376" pluginspage="" autoplay="false"></embed>

    You of course just need to put the full url of your video in for the src=” ” and set the width and height to your video size (remember to add 16px to the height for the quicktime controls). If you want the video to play automatically change the autoplay to true.

    You can see how it look on my site here –

    I am trying to insert this video in my wordpress blog. It works fine with blogger but none of the codes given work with wordpress I just get a link to the video.

    Any clues?

    this is the page where the various codes are and I have tried them all.

    Have you turned off the wysiwyg editor? If not you won’t be able to simply paste in the html that youtube or any of the other sites give you. I have it working on both of my sites:

    I have the editor monkey installed and it allowed html and I’ve never had a problem. I am going to try a different code later i think the code underneath the original video might work but I’m not at my own cmputer right now so keep your fingers crossed for me. Thank you for your response.

    This is the code I’ve been using for a couple of years now. Works for me fine…

    It has to be put in, in html format, NOT in your WYSIWYG mode.

    <div align=center>
    <p><embed src="" width="400" height="300" autoplay="false" controller="true" loop="false" ></embed><br />
    Click on the PLAY button. Or, <a href=" ">RIGHT CLICK here</a> and SAVE AS to your computer, and then OPEN after the download completes.</p>

    I use this on several WP blogs. You can see it on my community oriented “Young Adults Against Addiction” website, at

    Have fun…


    Hello rafleet or another:
    can you please clarify how you have your “Play” button is configured to show up the site? This detail eludes me.


    It depends on what video player software YOU have installed on your computer, for the browser to start up the correct one. For example, one of my videos I’ve created as a RealVideo file, so the “filename.rm” of the file would auto start RealPlayer to display the video.

    In the area of your site, where the video would be shown, you will see YOUR default RM file player, such as REALPLAYER.

    Another video I’ve created, a bit larger than most others at 15 megs, is a .mov quicktime format video, and since I’ve got quicktime installed and set as the default player for .mov files, I’ll see the QUICKTIME video player controls in the bottom border area of the video window of the browser.

    Yet other video files, such as the .mpg or .avi movie files, are set to autoplay on my computer by either Windows Media Player or WinAmp. Again, the bottom border of the video window will have the player controls.

    In other words, it depends on what default player you have for the various types of video file extensions, as to what see player controls you’ll see.

    Normally, you’ll see a ‘>’ play button, a ‘[]’ stop button, and then the play bar which shows how far along the video you are viewing.

    Another possibility is to use the Wimpy A/V player, available from for a nominal fee…and then you’ll be using flash to show your work, be it audio or video. You’ll have to convert your media file to FLV format, but this flash method offers much better control and streaming than some other methods.

    If you need more help, let me know. I can provide some screen captures showing the control buttons that automatically show.


    rafleet, thanks so much for making it simple and posting the code. I had already downloaded streaming video software, plugins, and all kinds of strange plans were blooming.

    But, as usual, the simplest answer was right in front of me. And is definitely the most elegant.

    Big help!

    I can’t get the .mov or .mpeg solutions to work. I’m just dropping them in as they are above and replacing the URLs with my own. I get a blank screen…what am I doing wrong?

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