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  • I’m new to working with video. I would like to put some tiny video clips into a wordpress 3.0 site. Each one will last a few seconds and is very small. They’re for pronunciation. I need a way of getting them into the wordpress page. I’d like the visitor to be able to click something and then right away hear the pronunciation and see the shape of the mouth. I wouldn’t like him to have to go to another site, or open a special video player. I just want it to work like this: click, 5 seconds of little audio-visual with no fanfare, and then back to the page the way it was. If he wants to play it again, fine, he should click on it again.

    I’m thinking quick time? The software I used to make my test video clip (debut video capture software) produced a wmv file. The test file is 800 Kb. Maybe I need to convert this to some other format? I am running Vista.

    For the heck of it I tried just plopping it on the page with the upload video button, but I found that in order to view the video, I had to say Save or Open, and then the video clip played in the Windows Media Player. Not what I have in mind.


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    This will provide the least impact on your viewers, but you’ll need to convert the video to at least .m4v.

    The plugin will display the .m4v video using the browser’s native video player on Safari, Chrome, and IE with no plugins required. If you only offer a .m4v file, Firefox will fall back to playing the video with a Flash player, but you can also convert the video to .ogv for Firefox to play it natively.

    It’s slightly complicated at first glance, but the plugin page explains everything.

    Thanks for responding! Debut video capture software doesn’t seem to record in those formats, so that wouldn’t be very convenient. At any rate as long as the clips work in at least one browser, I’ll be happy. I can tell the students to use a particular brand of browser if necessary.

    I found Hana Flv Player and I like it. Debut supports recording in flv. For anyone who wants to display the test clip provided by the plugin, turn your sound off first!

    One thing I like about Hana Flv Player is that I don’t have to use the WordPress admin panel upload video button, which is so tedious. All I have to do is upload the video files to the plugin folder. Now I am inspired to try to find a plugin for photos that bypasses the upload photo button.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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