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  • EmbedPlus no longer works in Chrome on all of my machines. On all other browsers, no problem. The app, in Chrome, does not display the YT embed while doing embed edits nor does Chrome display the embedded video when the edit is done while other browsers do just fine on both the edit and display sides without issue. I created a new page to do a test to see if the page was corrupted with the same result as before. This “wonderful” problem just started today, which is mind blowing to say the least. Any help on this would be terrific.

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  • We just visited your site and it seems to work fine on Chrome across various platforms (Ubuntu, Windows, Mavericks, etc). Please try clearing your cache as it might just be an issue contained within your machine.

    Instructions here:

    Good luck!
    -EmbedPlus Team

    I did as you suggested, (Great info BTW) but no dice. Question, how is your Flash setting configed. I’ve done the manipulation drill with that but still no dice. The type comes up on my machines but not the damn video. This worked yesterday and, as stated before, all other browsers on both Mac and Windows work. Thank you so much for your advice.



    No one else has mentioned any issues lately, so it really seems like it’s a localized issue. We’re quite busy at this time but can offer what seems to be the only other suggestion — to go through these 5 steps to determine if Flash is working properly in the first place, especially #5:

    Perhaps you can check your site out on other machines/networks just to see it works fine as we do. It seems like others have even commented on the content.

    Good luck x 2!
    -EmbedPlus Team

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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