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  • I have a site where I’m using podPress category casting to create multiple podcasts, including nested podcasts. E.g., a /cat1/ and a /cat1/sub1/ and a /cat1/sub2/ all as separate podcasts, where /cat1/ ends up being the combination of the /sub1/ and /sub2/ podcasts.

    So fine. The thing is that most of the podcasts are MP3s, but a few are not. One will be PDFs, but there’s one floating around in there where I didn’t intend there to be any attachments — it was just going to be content from the post body itself.

    But I am using the ?feed=podcast function from podPress to distinguish the podcasts from the overall feeds, and if I do this, there has to be a podPress attachment for an item to be included in the podpcast.

    Is there some way to trick this out for that final post-body-only category? What I’m thinking is that if I could type the content of those posts into a plain .txt file, that would accommodate podPress’ need for an attachment, and what I’m hoping is that there is a way for the content of that .txt to show up right in the posts without anyone needing to click on and open an attachment, embedding the text so it just shows up integrated with the rest of the post body.

    Any thoughts?

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