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  • I have a blog with multiple authors, and since I upgraded from 2.7 from 2.3 a few weeks ago, my contributing authors are unable to embed videos into their posts. When they click “Publish” or “Save Draft”, the embed code DISAPPEARS. It is completely stripped from the post.

    This happens with video code from any source (YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, — you name it.)

    The funny thing is that I, as the Admin user, am able to post videos or other embedded content just fine.

    All of my other contributors have “Author” permissions. This happens whether or not the “Disable Visual Editor” box is clicked in the user settings.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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  • Same thing here. We’re WP-MU and I’ve tried on both Safari and Firefox.

    If we go in to edit a post with an embed after it’s already been published, the embed disappears and can NOT be pasted back in. For Admin or other contributors.

    In the visual mode the code stays in, but WP adds to it (as someone mentioned above) and the embed doesn’t happen either, it just shows as a code in the post.

    In HTML mode, it just disappears when you save it.

    I second the call for gangster help!

    I have the same issue only I, as the super admin, cannot even embed HTML from Youtube or any forms (such as a pay pay button).

    Is there anyone out there?!

    Please help. Thank you.

    Hey everyone … I found a plugin that allows for additional tags and is free. I’m not sure if anyone has already referenced this or not but thought I would share: Unfiltered MU (

    It worked for me adding a little form but not the youtube embed

    Known issue in WPMU. You need to allow the code via plugins. Tons of threads about it over on the mu forums.

    As a side note, the unfilted-mu plugin will also allow things like javascripts and should not be used on a site with open signups. Users could potentially paste in harmful code.

    For youtube, you need a video embed plugin.

    andrea thanks for your update. I have the same issue with wpmu – no ability for any user, not even admin to embed video. Despite being new to WP, I’ve seen your face for quite a while on google searches. You’re quite the WP pro!

    What’s your expectation as to when the issue might be resolved?

    Okay, does someone have a direct link to a plugin whereby I can allow authors to embed videos from YouTube, etc. Or, the reverse, is there a code that I could make one of the admin level positions, say “editor” only give someone admin access to their posts. Seems silly, really – embedding a video is a common part of writing a post, not something that should require admin level access. I don’t want to give all authors access to everyone’s posts, but I do want them to be able to embed videos, seems only natural that they should be able to.

    thought I’d ad that I’m an administrator and not on, but have WordPress installed as a one-click install through my web host. Embedding from YouTube works fine for me

    Wow. This topic just saved my day. I have a multiauthor blog and didn’t know that others than admins cannot post video. Stupidest thing ever on an otherwise great platform.

    I got it to work with the plugin Role Manager.

    I allowed “Unfiltered Html” for Authors.

    Now it seems to work.

    The “Add video / add media” buttons in the editor seem completely useless.

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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