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  • <iframe height=’705px’ width=’100%’ name=’zoho-Client_Database_Form’ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’auto’ src=’’></iframe>

    I would like the following code into a WP Page. When I paste it into the HTML side of the text editor and update the page it disappears.

    What is the work around? I would preferably not want to use a plug in.

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  • The source of this issue is the Visual Editor that WordPress uses to allow you to edit WordPress Pages (and Posts). It actually parses your HTML and removes anything NOT on its “recognized” list of tags.

    Logically, you have a number of choices, though none of them are particularly easy:

    1. figure out where the Visual Editor stores its lists of recognized tags, and add iframe to the list; I actually did this with another Content Management System (Etomite) which used TinyMCE
    2. hand-code all or part of your page entirely in HTML and use that HTML to create a custom Page Template .php file just for that WordPress Page (by modifying the existing Page.php file for your Theme), and specify it as the Template within WordPress for that page.
    3. install a PHP plug-in that lets you code php, then code the iframe HTML with the php echo statement
    4. or do what I did and admit that this is going to be an on-going problem, and build your own infrastructure that lets you insert HTML anywhere in a page from Custom Fields defined for the page. I just code {{customfieldname}} with the Visual Editor and create a Custom Field called customfieldname with a value of the HTML I want to insert.
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