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  • Hi guys – I’ve got a few internal banners that I use to direct traffic on my site. I’m hoping to change these banners every once in a while so that one week it might point to one section, etc.

    I’d like these banners to appear within actual posts, preferably further in than just the top or very bottom, but that will do if needed. Max Banner Ads does the job but, at $50, I find the price exorbitant for the limited function of “no code hacking required.” I’ll hack a little, that’s fine, and just want to put either an ad tracking code or graphic image to appear within each of my posts. I know others have done this before and am hoping you can share with me some of what you’ve done. Thanks!

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  • to put code in a post you need a plugin
    images are fairly straightforward as you can add them at the time you make your post with the image uploader built in

    Thanks samboll – this probably explains why Max may not really embed ads within content, only at the beginning or end. I’m not sure where that code might be to place the ads but that might do the trick, in the php files themselves. If it’s within posts I’ll have to embed a code within every single post – that could be painful, especially if it has to be pulled out later. Has anyone done something like this? What is your experience placing ad tags within posts? Anyone have tips?

    I see the challenge I’m having. I’m using WordPress MU so I need to use a plugin, not just hacking the code to get an ad to appear at the beginning and end of a post and limit it to certain categories or pages. Right now even Max doesn’t do that, which is unfortunate.

    I’m looking at a few other plugins and, for the time being, perhaps my post is better at the MU forums if it may involve code hacking. Thanks.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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