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Embed a google calendar without making it public

  • Hey guys I want to embed a calendar on my site in a password protected page but it looks like google calendar needs to be public to embed it. Does anyone know how to make it so you can do it without it being public or any other service i can use? Thanks a lot!!

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  • Use a public Google calendar but password protect the page from the page editor screen. The calendar will still be directly accessible if someone has the url, but the page it’s on won’t be.

    This is what I was going to do but Would it be possible for someone to google search for the calendar and find it elsewhere?

    Yes, it will be publicly searchable but I would think highly unlikely people would find it. Try searching for a public calendar that’s been out there for a while yourself to see.

    No, it will not, if you go to Google Calendar and the tab Share this calendar there is statement “Make this calendar public” and it means: “This calendar will not appear in public Google search results. if it is unchecked” So it will be private.

    Read this:Google Help Page

    The only thing you can hide in a public view is event details. As I said, the calendar will still show up in search results.
    “If you make your calendar public and select ‘Share only my free/busy information (hide details),’ your event details won’t appear in Google Web Search or Google Calendar search results. Only your free/busy information will be visible to those who access your calendar at its address or add it to their calendar list.”
    If you make it private, you can’t embed it.

    webbrewers You are correct. Sorry for that guys.

    Does it need to be a Google calendar? Because, if not, there are other calendar plugins you can use on your page.

    Yes, check it out: Calendars

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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