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  • Hello! I’m wondering if Ultimate WP Mail can be used to facilitate the following flow with WooCommerce:

    1. A custom signup form for paid subscription using WooCommerce.
    2. At signup, the member sets one or more custom select fields to a pending state (meaning that they intend to take a particular action).
    3. After signup, any user field set to pending triggers an automatic email to the customer at regular intervals until the field state is changed (to active or inactive).

    Please feel free to post questions if that isn’t clear. I am interested in hiring a backend developer familiar with Ultimate WP Mail if he or she is able to accomplish this. Thank you!

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    Hi Elliot,

    Unfortunately, I think this goes beyond the intended scope of this plugin. If I understand correctly, you’d be building this custom signup form separately and independent of our plugin, but would want our plugin to be able to read the fields of that form and trigger emails depending on their values. I guess this should theoretically be possible, but, at the moment, it isn’t a functionality that we would consider adding to the plugin. The plugin currently works with default WooCommerce triggers and will likely remain that way.

    As for custom work, we don’t have much availability for that for this plugin at the moment. You can, however, contact us via our support center ( about it, to make sure, as I don’t believe these forums are the correct place to discuss it, as any pay/premium discussion is prohibited.

    Thank you!

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