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    If I do not want email piping do I still need to set up the email section. I had assumed that out of the box the ticket acknowledgement would be sent to the submitter and the new ticket notification would be sent to the assignee. Is that not correct? Neither party got an email.

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  • Hi,

    If you mean the email IMAP option if you don’t want the mails sent to the email converted to ticket automatically you can leave the email IMAP activation, and only requests submitted in form will be considered.

    Regarding the Ticket acknowledgement ( this is done only when the ticket is opened by the agent which can be disabled) (this is a premium feature so it will not work in basic version) and if you want a new ticket notification this can be set in triggers but this is also a premium feature.


    Hello! You should warn of this in the instructions of the plugin and also in the official page of the plugin.

    Specifically, half a day I went crazy, reviewing the configuration again and again to get the Agent to receive a notice when the client sends a new ticket.

    Nowhere does it explain that this is a premium option … And without this feature, the plugin is not worth anything, because if someone sends a ticket nobody will know unless they enter the Backend and find it there by chance.

    For all those reasons I will not give a good rating to this plugin.

    I agree, totally worthless as a free plugin except to upsell the overpriced ($90/year) premium plugin. This kind of junk should be removed from the WP repository!

    Hi Juanma Aranda, We regret your inconvenience with the plugin. Please note that the basic version of the plugin does send a notification to the end customer when an agent replies to his ticket. But, ‘Triggers’ is a premium feature (As mentioned in the plugin’s WP page) which among other things would enable you to setup desired notification to the agent. We have also tried to accommodate a number of other premium features in the free version. We are sorry to know that our free version didn’t fit your specific requirement.

    Our premium version comes at with 1-year license and you can renew your license at 50% discount in the subsequent years, backed with an excellent support. It comes with a good number of usability features like Auto Tagging And Assigning, Auto Suggestion System, Ticket Custom Views, Triggers & Automation, etc. Note that “Triggers & Automations” in our premium version is one of the feature that our customers are really fond of.

    We hope you find a plugin to fit your need and in case of any queries and support, do reach out to us 🙂. We even help our customers to find the right plugin if in case our plugin is missing the desired feature because problem solving is our priority. I hope this clarifies your concern. Here to help in case of any queries.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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