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    I’m using the lastest version of ES&N. Been using previous version for years, no trouble.
    But there, I’m trying it on a new website. Settings checked (with a test list, and template sending for any article category).
    The problem : emails always stay in queue. They are sent when I click on send now, but I want them to be sent automatically.
    I’ve tried with WP mail, then with PHP mail. Same issue.

    I know nothing about cron, but read on your docs that we can do without it.
    Can you please help ?
    thank you

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  • Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    Sorry for the inconvenience you had.

    Please let us know whether WP CRON is enabled or not?

    Are you getting any error? Please check the logs.



    Hi there,
    Thanks for your answer.

    We, I’ve tried with cron on and off throught the disable checkbox on the settings page. Basically, cron is not disabled. The cron url is (I did not change anything there) :

    I’ve checked my log files, nothing. Seems normal since there is apparently not attempt to send the notifcation mails at all. Whereas when I click on the “send now” link everythings works (I really get my test notifications, on several mailboxes).

    Tahnks for your help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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