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    These days I use sendpress plugin to send emails to subscribers including me.

    That’s good.

    when I check messages on my email inbox, emails sent using sendpress go into the spam folder.

    including “send test email” on the settings sending.


    That’s not a function of the plugin exactly. Your mail system is seeing those emails and making the determination that it’s spam. Once the mail is sent it’s outside of the control of this plugin.

    You may be able to train your mail system that it’s not spam but you’ll need to find out why it’s being tagged spam on the receiving end.

    I use the “Send Emails via Your Website” on setting “Sending Account Setup” is this effect?

    I sent a message to a subscriber to gmail account,

    Plugin Author itdoug


    Keep in mind that when sending from your website using a shared hosting provider, you are at the mercy of what every other person that uses your IP address for your server may do. That can mean that you get marked as spam simply because someone else might be sending spam from your IP address.

    We attempt to solve this problem in a couple different ways. In our pro version you can send through a reputable third-party for example. But no matter where you send through (you can with the free version) there are a few basic things you should do to reduce the likelihood of your messages going to spam.

    One of the most important things is to set up an SPF record. You can read more about that on our blog:

    The subject of the message and the content of it can also determine your spam score. We do have spam score checking in the pro version as well. It can be helpful, but it’s no guarantee that a low score still won’t land in the spam box.

    Lastly, a good list, made up of people who actually want the message is just as important. If people receive your message and mark it as spam, more messages to other people on the list will ultimately end up in the spam folder as well.

    oh ok, I’ve found the problem.

    I use cloudflare service on my website, when I turn off this service, email works fine without going to the spam folder. But when I turn it back on, incoming emails sent to the spam folder.

    Plugin Author itdoug


    You may need to send through a 3rd party. We recommend Mandrill in our pro version. Read about it here.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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